Sugar - getting back on track:

Use this resource when the sugar has crept back in - follow the process I've outlined step by step HERE


14 Day Fat Loss Challenge:

Need a kickstarter?  Use this step by step process HERE


Cortisol Checklist:

Worried that your hormonal status might be affecting your fat loss?  Use this checklist HERE


3 Day Challenge:

Need to kick your own ass for a few days to restart your health journey?  Complete this easy 3 day challenge HERE



Use this awesome planning tool to help you stay on track - download it HERE


Lose Weight Slowly - Keep it Off:

One of my first ebooks, this guide is very practical and because it's focussed on long term success, it's something you should grab.  Currently FREE - get it HERE


2 inches off your waist in 4 weeks:

Another practical, step by step guide that simply works!  Get it HERE


Run the Fat Off:

This program is a running based, fat loss program.  Get it just for the workouts at least! HERE it is - again, a small fee is linked to this one, it took me a month to prepare! Get it HERE


Get Lean Checklist:

Use this checklist yourself or with coach Corey Hinde - this checklist is an actual tool that Corey uses to help highlight key areas to work on GET IT FREE HERE