What has Corey been up to lately?

2017 was a big mix of corporate health workshops, private health coaching, and the secret love - small business marketing coaching!

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Corey still presents his keynote health presentation "Unlock the Healthy YOU", and in 2017 delivered more corporate health workshops than ever before.  To book him in, you'll have to send an email to check availability for 2018 to coreyjohnhinde@yahoo.com.au  


More about what I'm up to life wise.....

The Good Oil - Marketing Dept has been a project I've started, which is growing rapidly.  

It's outsourced marketing for small business.  Cost effective, brutally efficient and I'm having a ball so far doing it.

For example I run email marketing campaigns for clients.  I, sometimes with the help of a copywriter, will prepare and deliver email marketing newsletters for small business, that help grow their database and get clients to take direct action as well.  It's great fun because it really works.  Check out the Good Oil HERE