Burn Fat at Home with these simple yet effective Fat Burning Workouts.  We'll be adding more each week, so make  sure you keep coming back!


Workout 1 - Bunch of Fives

15 minutes

Gear required:  Nil

Intro:  I love this workout because it's easy, you can do it absolutely anywhere, and you need no gear whatsoever.  

Instructions:  Do the first set very slowly and deliberately to allow your body to ease into your work.  Before you start, jog lightly on the spot for just 1 minute, then do some basic range of motion stretches for 1 minute.  You can google these or email us for more advice on range of motion stretches.

Perform the following circuit, with no rest periods, for the remainder of your 15 minutes, simply moving from one exercise to the next:

5 Air Squats - as low as you can go

5 Push-ups - slow and deliberate form

5 Modified Burpees (no jump at the end)

5 Jumping Jacks / Star Jumps

5 Old Style Sit-Ups

IF you are keen and really want to add some fat burning to this workout, add 5 minutes of running at the end.  For EVEN BETTER results, do this early in the morning and finish up with a high protein breakfast.  You can find out more about these breakfasts by joining our email list via our homepage.  


Workout 2 - Yoga for Runners

25 Minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  I've got this here to help out my running mates who keep getting injured....


Workout 3 - Walk Sprint Walk

20 Minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  I love getting new female clients, who have tried and failed to lose weight via walking, to do this workout.  It works really well because it teaches people to push themselves, and we access a level of intensity that they aren't used to.  It really gets the heart rate elevated, and boosts fitness.

Instructions:  Simply walk as fast as you can for 4 minutes.  Then add a 5-10 second slow jog at minute number 4, then walk until minute number 5.  For each following minute, run or sprint hard for 5-10 seconds, then walk again.  Keep going up until the 20 minute mark.  Done!

Do it with a friend - why not?


Workout 4 - Push-Up Squat Stack

5-20 minutes depending on fitness

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  I challenge you to do this, and do it again every month to test your body-weight strength!  Short and sharp, but a great way to give yourself a hard workout in a short space of time.

Instructions:  Start with 1 good form push-up, then up and do a full air squat.  Then back down for 2 push-ups, and 2 squats, then 3 of each and so on.  Keep going, no breaks, and use good form until you cannot go any further.  Everyone has a stopping point!  

I have clients who have stopped at number 7, number 15, and even number 25 (which is a TON of push-ups and squats if you do the math), how far can YOU go?


Workout 5 - Lounge room Special

around 20 minutes

Gear Required:  1 sturdy chair

Intro:  This workout is another great example of what can be achieved in a short period of time, at home, with little or no gear.  Training consistently, which is crucial to long term success, is easy once you get a few of these workouts in your tool kit. 

Instructions:  Simply warm up with 1 minute of jogging on the spot, throw in a few jumping jacks, and you are good to go.  Complete the following circuit with no breaks, just move from one exercise to the next.   

Air Squats OR Squat Jumps x 10-15

Push Ups x 10-15

Lunges x 20

Step Ups onto chair x 20

Tricep Dips on chair x 15

Plank 30 seconds

Hip Thrusters x 15 (lie on back, push hips up, squeeze butt cheeks, lower down)


Workout 6 - Cardio Pumper

20 minutes

Gear Required:  Whichever aerobic exercise gear you prefer.  Rower, bike etc

Intro:  Don't waste time doing long slow boring cardio exercise, add interest and intensity with this variation.

Instructions:  Choose 1 form of cardio training (run, bike, row, swim)

Do a set of 3 minutes easy, then 1 minute very hard, repeat 5 times to make up a kick butt 20 minute session that will hit muscle groups deeply and give you a great metabolic boost for hours afterwards.  


Workout 7 - Cardio Strength

20 minutes

Gear Required:  Skipping Rope OR Bike OR Nil

Intro:  Another great option for when you are time crunched, but want to get some cardio and strength done.

Instructions:  4 Rounds of (2 minutes any cardio exercise eg skipping, run, bike, step ups) + (3 minutes of 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 slow crunches)


Workout 8 - Lucky Dip

any time you like

Gear Required:  Skipping Rope, Kettle Bell or something heavy, bike (optional)

Intro:  I love this workout, it's great fun and super effective!

Instructions:  Write the following exercises down on small pieces of paper, and put them in a bucket or a  large hat.  Pull an exercise out of the hat, do that exercise non-stop for a minute, or 30 seconds if you prefer.  Put it back, pull out another, and do that.  Great way to build variety in.  You can do this workout for any length of time.  My suggestion is 10 minutes for beginners, 15 minutes for moderate level fitness, and 20 minutes of more for the more advanced.  If there are any exercises you can not do, leave them out.

The List:





Sit-ups OR crunches

Squat Press with Kettle Bell or something heavy

Skipping Rope

Mountain Climbers

Bike Effort

Shuttle Runs (20 metres back and forth)

Lunge Jumps 

Step Ups

Tricep Dips on chair


Workout 9 - Heartbreak Hill

10, 15, or 20 minutes - your choice

Gear Required:  a short hill that takes no more than 30 seconds to run up

Intro:  Fun and basic.  Do with friends to keep spirits up!

Instructions:  Run up hill fast, at the top do either 10 push-ups OR 10 squats, walk or jog down, repeat for your allotted time frame.  


Workout 10 - Simple Home Circuit

20 minutes

Gear Required:  Skipping Rope

Intro:  another circuit to give you a basic home workout that works your whole body.

Instructions:  Do the following circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes:

Run or other cardio 3 minutes

Step Ups 1 minute

Skipping 1 minute

20 push-ups

20 lunge walks

30 second plank


Workout 11 - Simple Smasher

20 minutes

Gear required: Nil

Intro:  Super simple concept - great challenge, and actually tons of fun!

Instructions:  Run OR Bike as far as you can in 10 minutes, then turn around and try to get back to where you started.  I have done this workout many times when time crunched and it ensures you are working hard, maintaining the pace is a challenge!


Workout 12 - High Intensity Interval Session

20 minutes

Gear required:  Whatever cardio gear you need eg bike or rower.

Intro:  An easy to follow introduction to the massive benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.  A great workout option for many reasons.

Instructions:  Pick your aerobic activity (running, bike, rower) and do a gentle warm up of 5 minutes, make the last minute a little harder.

Then do 20 seconds max effort (as hard as you can go) followed by 1:40 (1 minute 40 seconds) easy pace, continue on this pattern up to the 20 minute mark.  

Note:  If you have never done full efforts before, consult your doctor before performing this workout.  I'd also advise you to work closely with your personal trainer or exercise professional at all times anyway.  


Workout 13 - Super Slow Circuit

20 minutes

Gear required:  Chair.  Door frame.

Intro:  Super slow work is very hard, and encourages good form.  It's also likely to reach deep into muscle fibres that aren't usually being accessed, so can result in significant gains in strength and fat loss.  

Instructions:  Do these exercises very slowly and with good form.  Pay attention to good form and very slow BUT continual movement.  Do not stop at any point.  It's a circuit to move from one exercise to the next with no breaks.  Continue for 20 minutes, but if you are new to this type of training feel free to make it 10 or 15 minutes.

5 Lunges left leg

5 Lunges right leg

10 deep squats

10 push-ups

10 hip thrusts

30 second plank (static hold)

10 door frame pulls (standing in a door frame, feet in front of you, hands against door frame, lower yourself back then pull back to vertical position)  

10 tricep dips using a chair

10 opposite arm / leg raises with a brief hold (lie face down on floor, raise 1 arm and opposite leg, slowly lower, repeat on other side)

NOTE:  the slower the movements, the better.  This is a totally different experience for many people, and it's extremely challenging!  


Workout 14 - All Round Challenge Session

20 minutes

Gear required:  Nil

Intro:  This workout is yet another example of how you can totally condition your body in a short session based at home.  No money spending required, no gear required, and tons of fun too!

Instructions:  Warm up with 3 minutes cardio then - 

7 minutes of the following circuit with no breaks - 5 push-ups, 5 burpees, 5 deep slow squats, 30 second plank

At the 10 minute mark start running, run as far as you can in 5 minutes, then turn around and run back, holding the same pace.  

You will feel this workout!  It's a great challenge.  Go for it!


Workout 15 - As Far As Possible

20 minutes (or more if you like)

Gear Required:  Cardio eg bike, rower, or just your running legs

Intro:  This is a great challenge and a neat way to test yourself once in a while to see if you are making progress.

Instructions:  Simply select your cardio exercise (swim, run, bike, rower), and go as far as you can in 20 minutes!  Get in the groove, work hard, keep good form, and give it your best shot!


Workout 16 - Another Random Circuit

20 minutes

Gear Required:  A chair or park bench

Intro:  Circuits that cut down rest time, work the whole body, and combine strength AND cardio - we love it!  Do it at home OR in the park.

Instructions:  Simply work through this circuit doing each exercise for 20 seconds if you are early in your fitness journey, or 30-45 seconds if more advanced.  Don't stop, work from one exercise straight to the next:

Jumping Jacks

Wall Sit


Slow Crunches

Step Ups onto bench or chair

Slow Deep Squats

Tricep Dips on chair or bench


High Knees (like jogging on the spot with  high knees)

Alternating Lunges



Workout 17 - Seven Minute Assault

7 minutes  (ideally warm up and cool down time too)

Gear Required:  Kettle Bell OR barbell with weights.  A hill to run up.  Another cardio option eg bike or skipping rope.

Intro:  So I was challenged to design a 7  minute workout - there is an app out there and somebody asked whether I could do a workout and really get results in that time frame.  I came up with this workout, and I truly reckon that if you did this a few times per week plus some gentle cardio, you'd be way fitter than most people

MInute 1:  as many push-ups as possible

Minute 2: as many burpees as possible

Minute 3:  jog 10 seconds sprint 10 seconds x 3

Minute 4:  heavy kettle bell deadlifts continual such that the last 10 seconds is very hard OR deadlifts in the gym

Minute 5:  uphill run as hard as possible

Minute 6:  other cardio (row, cycle, skip) as hard as possible

Minute 7:  plank or other core exercise

GIve it a shot!


Workout 18 - The Hay Monday

15 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil.

Intro:  This is named after one of our favourite clients, she does this every Monday to track her fitness.  

Instructions:  Simply do as many sets of the following as you can in 15 minutes.

10 Squats

10 Burpees

10 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups

Give it a go - embrace the hardship! 


Workout 19 - Backyard Burner

15-20 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  this workout is time effective, and designed for the backyard.  Get the kids involved!

Instructions:  Complete the following circuit as many times as possible in the timeframe you have - 

20 seconds Burpees

20 seconds hip thrusts

1 minute shuttle run - 10 metres back and forth

20 seconds push-ups

20 seconds squats

After each round jog on the spot for 30 seconds then start again.  Go!


Workout 20 - The Hurt Train 15

15 minutes

Gear Required:  nil

Intro:  I've actually done this workout a few times, and it hurts but is GREAT because it's time efficient.

Instructions:  Simply jog for 3 minutes as a warm up then -  run HARD for 30 seconds, recovery jogging for 90 seconds, repeat this hard / recovery sequence 6 times.  That's it!  Give it a go. 


Workout 21 - 5 Minute Workout!

5 minutes

Gear Required:  nil

Intro:  Sometimes life gets in the way, and you really are SUPER time crunched.  Surely you can get 5 minutes done right?

Instructions:  Simply do non-stop push-ups and squats for 5 minutes, simple as that!  Do sets of 5, 10, or whatever you like, but do NOT stop for that 5 minutes.  Tough one, give it a shot!


Workout 22 - Power Run Circuit

15-25 minutes

Gear Required:  a short hill to run up

Intro:  I dish out this workout to running clients to ensure they are doing strength training regularly.  It's very effective for building overall running strength, and also building running economy.  

Instructions:  Warm up with at least 5 minutes of jogging and a few harder surges.  Once warm, perform the following circuit 5-8 times, if you are brand new to strength training talk to your coach first.

70-80 metre sprint

lunge walk 20-30 reps

jog 70-80 metres

10 burpees (jump as high as you can)

30 second uphill sprint then walk down

5 squat jumps (frog jumps)

rest 30 seconds


Workout 23 - 10 Hill Sprints

approx 20 minutes

Gear Required:  a hill

Intro:  pretty basic stuff but hard work

Instructions:  Warm up with 10 minutes of jogging and some dynamic stretching.  Once warmed up, simply run up a hill as hard as you can, minimum 20 seconds, then walk down, rest and repeat x 10.


Workout 24 - Jumps Workout

approx 15 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  please don't do this workout unless you are fit to jump!

Instructions:  Simply do the following circuit continuously for 10-15 minutes.  Make your first 2 rounds slow as a warm up

10 Vertical Jumps

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Modified Burpees (no jump) OR Full Burpees

10 Push-Ups


Workout 25 - Football Field Fitness Test

approx 10-15 minutes

Gear Required:  a football field or park

Intro:  Use this workout as a simple but well rounded test of your fitness.  I recommend doing this monthly as a way to track your fitness.

Instructions:  Complete the following and time it, record it, and see how you go next month.

4 rounds of:  

200m run

10 full push-ups for men, modified knee push-ups for women

20 deep air squats

5 burpees


Workout 26 - Friends Circuit 1

approx 20 minutes

Gear Required:  some friends, some space, skipping rope, and a stop watch

Intro:  get some friends together, get some space, and have some fun!  Training with friends is a great motivator....

Instructions:  This is a time-based circuit - simply assign people to a station and perform the listed exercises for set periods - we recommend either 30 seconds or 45 seconds per round.

A)  Running - either on the spot OR high knees OR running around the field or area you are in

B)  Push-ups - either full or on knees depending on fitness

C)  Skipping Rope

D)  Modified Burpees / Squat Thrusts (like a burpee without getting up, so holding a push-up position and kicking legs back and forth)

E)  5 Squats / 5 Lunges continual

F)  Plank

G)  Jumping Jacks

Once you are finished your time, say 15-20 minutes, head out for a slow jog to finish off.


Workout 27 - 5KM Time Trial

approx 15-45 minutes

Gear Required:  a GPS device (watch or phone) that can measure 5KM for you.

Intro:  a 5 kilometre run is a great fitness test that you can do anywhere, anytime. 

Instructions:  Simply find a location to run, preferably flat, start up your GPS watch or pre-measure a 5KM trail, and run it as hard as you can, and record your time.  


Workout 28 - Classic Morning Burner

15 Minutes

Gear Required:  a heavy object eg medicine ball / Kettle Bell / Heavy box (approx 10kg)

Intro:  morning burners are an amazing way to start your day with a short hard workout.  Do them in the morning before breakfast for maximum effect.

Instructions:  Perform the following circuit, use sets of either 30, 45, or 60 seconds depending on fitness.  Work continuously for either 10, 15, or 20 minutes depending on fitness.

a) Squats holding heavy object tight into chest

b) Push-ups

c) Step ups onto chair or bench

d) Shoulder Press (hold heavy object, simply lift from chest height to above head, and slowly lower down)

e) Modified Burpees / Squat Thrusts (like a burpee without getting up, so holding a push-up position and kicking legs back and forth)

f) Continual Lunges holding heavy object

g) Plank


Workout 29 - 10 Minute Test

10 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  another short hard fitness test that will keep you honest

Instructions:  simply work continuously for 10 minutes and do as many sets of the following, the hard part is keeping your score so you know what to beat next time

a) 5 Push-Ups

b) 5 Sit-Ups

c) 5 Full Squats


Workout 30 - Tabata Home Workout

around 15 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil

Intro:  more fun at home!

Instructions:  using the Tabata principle of 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds rest, work through the following circuit 8 - 10 times




Squat Thrusts (Modified Burpee)


Workout 31 - Big Square

10 - 15 - or 20 minutes depending on fitness level

Gear Required:  a large grassed area, 4 cones or markers

Intro:  this is a great workout for team sports players.

Instructions:  mark out a large square on a field, sides of 15 metres.

Once warmed up, simply sprint forwards along the first side of the square, side shuffle the next side, run backwards down the next  side then side shuffle again back to your starting position.  Once there, pick ANY body weight exercise and do for 30 seconds.  Great for team conditioning.  Pick from exercises such as:


Squat Jumps




A sports specific skill eg soccer ball juggling


Workout 32 - Shuttle Variation

10-20 minutes depending on fitness and goals

Gear required:  A large grassed area, 4 cones or markers, a kettle bell, and skipping rope

Intro:  this is a variation of workout 31, and again is useful for team sports

Instructions:  Mark out a shuttle run course, straight line, with cones or markers at 5m, 10m, and 20m away from your start point.  The objective is simply to sprint the shuttle course (0-5m, 0-10m, 0-20m), and once done you have a time frame of either 30 seconds or more depending on fitness and goals, to do an exercise from this list:

Kettle Bell Swings

Skipping Rope






A skill from your sport

Vary this up in a group or team situation by having the coach / trainer blow a whistle to start and stop each exercise station, thereby varying the time length.  Great for team spirit.


Workout 33 - Tempo Burner Run

40 minutes or more depending on fitness

Gear required:  Running gear and a 5KM circuit or trail.  A GPS watch or device would be preferable.  

Intro:  This workout is for trained runners, or people who have completed at least 6 months of consistent running already.

Instructions:  Warm up with 15 or more minutes of easy running, and include a few easy stride outs in that time.  The workout itself is like a 5KM time trial with a twist.  Start your 5KM effort, and run at tempo pace (around current half-marathon race pace).  As you get to the 800m mark of each kilometre, increase your speed further and push until the KM mark.  Once you hit the KM mark, ease back to tempo pace, which is still hard running, and focus on form and breathing again.  Repeat each KM.  Your time will be similar to what you would do for a straight out 5KM time trial, but you'll have tested out some high end lactate tolerance and given the body a race-like test.  Cool down with another 10 or so minutes of easy running.  


Workout 34 - Run Drop Run

20 minutes

Gear Required:  Nil - just a stop watch and a grassed area

Intro:  This is an old footy pre-season workout I did once.....

Instructions:  Warm up with 3 minutes of jogging.

Then - Pushups 30 seconds - run hard 100 metres - drop and do 30 seconds of any other exercise - run hard 100 metres - drop for another 30 seconds of pushups - run hard 100 metres - drop and do 30 seconds any other exercise - run hard 100 metres.... you get the picture, now get out there and give it a go!