fuel Up workshop

This is a nutrition based workshop - we work through how best to get a diet in place that will give people energy, productivity, health, and fat loss. 

I'll be there presenting this workshop - it's action based, and participants will walk away with a plan that will help them to eat smarter.

We don't work on anything that's not evidence based.  We work on strategies that will actually change brain chemistry - that equals MORE ENERGY - BETTER CONCENTRATION - HEALTHIER PEOPLE.

I've presented this workshop to banks, pharmaceutical companies, the NZ FIre Brigade, and I've even used the key strategies from this workshop with elite athletes to help elevate their performance.  



business athlete workshop

Are you an elite athlete?  Probably not.  Can YOU learn more about how to get the best out of yourself by looking at what elite athletes do?  YES!

This workshop will help people in business get more out of themselves.  

The coaching process that works for athletes, also works for people looking to get the most out of their worklife.  

You cannot get higher performance unless you are prepared to review what you are doing, set a smart plan in place, undertake the plan, then review your progress.  This workshop will help people to work through this process.

Nutrition  - Training -  Goal Setting -  Mindset for success

This workshop is great fun, it's based on real stories, and you'll walk away with actual strategies to turn yourself into a better business athlete.....



health coaching

Usain Bolt has a coach.  

Michael Jordan had several coaches.

The best in business will use business coaching, and often specific coaches for other aspects of their own performance.

Do these people know what they are doing or not?

Yes they do.  

Do they value coaching as a tool to help them elevate their performance?  Of course they do.

Planning - Accountability - Reviewing progress - Problem Solving.

I work with people looking to elevate their performance.  Healthy body and healthy mind are required for you to reach your peak.

Health coaching is not for everybody.  Generally people will employ health coaching when they already have good knowledge, are already at a level of high performance, and want to extend themselves further.

Low achievers do not typically employ a health coach, or any type of coach.  They are not ready.  I truly hope they reach that point where they are ready.

Once you are ready - I am ready for you.


My process for a company will usually look like this:


Company is looking for elevated performance from staff.  Management is open to exploring new avenues.

Human performance management staff will locate me and we'll talk about the value I can add.

We'll discuss some measurable outcomes that are meaningful to that company.  They will usually be linked to work output, absenteeism, engagement, retention.

My usual first step is to come in and deliver a workshop eg Fuel Up.  This is for the company and staff to see if I am a good fit for them.  

My newest workshop - How to be a healthy ShiftWorker is getting heavy bookings...... it's really important to ensure that shift workers know how to maximise their health.  

Staff will then have the option of Health Coaching with me.  This is a month by month engagement.  Good things take time to achieve.  

We like to revisit initial outcome goals regularly so that the company can see a return on their investment.  Linking physical health outcomes to business related outcomes is easy to do.  






"Thanks for conducting the session on nutrition for our Region team the other day. This was part of our current focus on Health & Wellbeing which also includes exercise and work/life balance.

I must say that your session was well received and the smoko room was abuzz with positive talk about your session after you left.

For me personally, I have made changes to my diet and am thinking more about what and how I eat now. I have noticed many of my colleagues making changes also.

Well worthwhile and as you said, knowledge is nothing without actions. I’m sure you have inspired us to make some positive changes.

Kind regards,

Kevin Cowper - NZ Fire Service"


“Corey presented a simple to understand, easy to implement and time efficient solution for those of us wanting to improve our diet and “get lean”.  Information was easy to digest and we were all able to go away with two or three ideas that we could start implementing at home immediately – whether it was starting off with a high protein breakfast, doing some morning burners or just being aware of what foods we were consuming.  Corey has great knowledge, is approachable and was able to provide answers to a wide range of questions.  He didn’t do a hard sell either which was appreciated – I would definitely recommend having him to other companies interested in helping their staff improve their health”  ANZ Bank employee Tauranga