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Marketing Accountability Group

Marketing Coaching  >>> more business

You want to grow your business.  You want the best marketing practices to be in place, and you don't want to waste time with unproductive and costly marketing activity.  

You also don't want to pay the usual agency fees of around $1500 per month to get this process underway.

This is the place for you....

You want an expert to consult with - 24/7 - because you are serious about your business.

You are VERY GOOD at what you do, and you are smart enough to realise that you could do with some help with that black hole known as marketing...

A group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their own business, and helping others to grow their business. You know you want the lifestyle, and you also know that there are benefits from being in a group of like-minded people.  

The group is facilitated and led by Marketing Consultant Corey Hinde - Director of The Good Oil Marketing Dept.

Support / accountability / skills development / business growth / marketing advice / business coaching.  

This group is invitation only.

What’s the ideal outcome from being in this group?

More freedom, more revenue, an easier life!

What do you GET from this package?

  • 24/7 marketing support from Corey Hinde.  This ensures that you are doing the right things to grow your business. 

  • A weekly accountability with Corey Hinde to ensure that the right actions are being taken.  Email or phone support as needed as well. 

  • Marketing Plan design.  Ensure that your plan is documented, the actions you need to take are clear, and the plan gets reviewed weekly to continually improve the direction of your business. 

  • Learn from The Good Oil via group classes and discussions.  Improve your skills, and benefit from access to the other members networks. 

  • Accountability to the group with your own actions and plans.  Set the plan, stick with the plan, follow through.  Accountability to both Corey Hinde, and the group. 

  • Group benefits - shared promotions, support each others marketing efforts.


Why Only $199 per month?  We'll set up the strategy and ensure that progress is being made, but you'll undertake most of the actions.  Our higher end packages cost a lot more however we undertake the work.

This coaching package includes weekly accountability email - we'll be in touch regularly to ensure that you are DOING the right things to help grow your business. 


Premium Member $199 PER MONTH