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Personal Coaching

What is it?  

This is full coaching with Corey Hinde.  Fat loss, optimal fitness, running faster, whatever it is, you get me on your team, 100% committed to your success.  

This is not an off the shelf diet or some inexperienced personal trainer, this is an industry veteran who has been in the game for over 20 years.  We'll communicate almost every single day, I'll identify what areas will give you the biggest impacts, and we'll work hard to stay on track.  When life gets tough, you'll thank me - I'll be there for you.

Accountability / expertise / results.  You'll get it.

Don't even think twice about this - you deserve the very best.

NOPE - not $59 per week like someone I met recently who has zero qualifications, I'm just $26.50 per week and if you are not happy, I'll give you a full refund no questions asked!

Feel free to email me personally on if you have any questions. 


Let's DO THIS!!




Short Consultation:

This is the option if you just want to "pick my brain" or get my thoughts / opinion on your current situation - essentially I'll give you my 25 years of training / study / thought - distilled into a bite size chunk of info for you.  So YES - I will give you my professional opinion - and it's only $29.  Quick review of your diet / training / upcoming challenges - this is for you!