Get Lean Membership:

Our membership community is a place for support, coaching, information, and help.  We have members who have been in there for years now, and have achieved great things with their diet and training, as well as mindset and ability to stick with it.

If you are serious about getting in optimal shape, you'll  know that it takes time and a support group which includes like-minded people is a great idea.  

>>> 24/7 Access to me, Corey Hinde, for any advice, tips, or help

>>> Full access to our online membership community, based in  a private Facebook group (this group is AWESOME)

>>> FREE access to any of our challenges that come up eg Fat Loss Courses

>>> Recipes / Training Tips / Weekly Webinars (LIVE)

Invest in yourself, now, HERE - it's only $4.99 per week

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Personal Consultations

What is it?  

This is for the person who wants to get results, and is ready to take SERIOUS ACTION.  

  • Your current Nutrition and Training will be reviewed using a questionnaire
  • You'll receive feedback, suggestions, and action steps based on what you want to achieve.
  • You'll also receive a free month of Get Lean Support Crew membership (valued at $20)
  • This is currently available for just $99!
  • This service is useful for anyone looking to lose body fat - I've helped loads of people over the years, and I'm especially good with people who are convinced that they can't be helped!!


Start this process now:

1)  Complete the questionnaire located HERE.  This will shoot straight into Corey's inbox.

2)  Hit the buy now button  below to pay via paypal.

3)  Once the questionnaire is done and the money paid, Corey will be in touch within 3 business days with his recommendations, advice, and possibly  more questions.  If using the buy now button to pay for a One Hour Consultation, Corey will be in touch to book a time with you.  

4)  This service can also be used simply as a One Hour Consultation with Corey Hinde, via phone or skype.  


Once you've paid - search for "Get Lean - Support Crew" on Facebook, and request to join, you'll be added to our amazing accountability / support group really quickly