Let's get in shape this month...

Do you know what to do but just can't seem to get it done?

Are you "good" most of the time but when you lose momentum it's hard to restart?

Are you looking for something easy, at home, and fun that you'll actually do?

Ready to sign up?  Usually our group programs are $26 for the month, this one is ONLY $15 and we are only accepting 30 people - scroll down and hit BUY NOW....


Join our group this month (July 2017) as we aim to train every single day in some way, we'll support each other,  and you'll have the help of coach Corey Hinde 24/7 keeping you on the straight and narrow....

This month long support group is designed for people who have been thinking about getting in shape, but need the support and accountability of a group and a professional coach.  Corey Hinde brings 25 years of fitness industry knowledge AND almost 20 years as a dietitian - he's been getting people into amazing shape for a long time!

Access his unique, easy to do, time efficient training methods this month for only $15!!

What??  Only $15 - why such a low price?  Aren't consultations with fitness pro's usually around $100 each?

Yes they are.  This is a group program, and Corey wants to help as many people as possible - it's July and winter is here, let's move the needle, let's do the work, let's get into shape together!!

What do YOU get for your money?

>>  join our amazing private Facebook group for support, knowledge, discussions, and live webinars

>> 24/7 support from coach Corey Hinde - we'll keep you going

>> diet plans and workouts - we'll help you adjust your training so that you burn fat not gain fat

Getting results is all about consistency - and to be consistent you need an accountability system that helps you - this is that system.

Don't delay - we are ONLY accepting a maximum of 30 people into this group so that we can take care of everyone - hit BUY NOW to join up.


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