Become a Business Athlete with this dynamic workshop.


Performing at your best in business is within your means.  Like an athlete, you just need some help clarifying what to do, and what not to do.


The Business Athlete is a workshop, designed and led by Corey Hinde, that will change your performance levels in business and in life.  


The Business Athlete is a group based session, and covers all the areas that elite athletes use for maximising their performance.  You will cover:


Eating like a professional athlete.  Tips and tricks to ensure your diet is optimal and will enhance, not take away from performance.


Training.  Getting the results based training done and how to plan your program the right way.   


Time Management.  How to eliminate tasks so you can maximise your time.


Sleep.  How to energise not fog your brain.


Goal Setting.  Reverse engineering your way to success.


Reviewing.  Working on and reviewing your plan without taking your eyes off the goal.  


Athletes do things differently to most people.  They are very good at working through a process like:

Clarify exactly what you want and when

Plan out the steps required - exactly.

Do the work.  Re-arrange life so that you can do undertake the right steps daily.

Review - are you doing what's required?  Why or why not?  Are you getting results?  What do we need to change?


This workshop can be targeted towards your specific demographic - companies who use this often have different focal points which we can take into consideration.  

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