High Protein Breakfasts - they work

Fat Loss - Higher Energy Levels - Hunger Management - Concentration - Enjoyable food...

There are so many reasons why you should consider switching up to a high protein breakfast - it's just a game changer move that I have seen turn people's health and weight around in a reasonably short time frame.  Why?  What's going on?

I've been advising people about diet and training for over 20 years now.  I've seen good diet plans, bad diet plans, and I've seen a huge range of success and failure.

One thing I know to be true is that something you can stick with for a long time, in fact forever, is the type of change you need to seek out.  Short term changes that are painful and not much fun, will never work.  High protein breakfasts, in my experience, and quite simply the best single change you can make.  

Here's why:

1)  It works!  People are usually after fat loss, health improvements, and generally feeling better about themselves.  Switching away from high processed carbohydrate breakfast options (read - Commercial high sugar breakfast cereal crap) to a higher protein breakfast quite simply works.  I've never seen such a simple move have such a high impact.  If you stop reading now, move away from carbohydrate breakfasts to protein based breakfasts.  I've got suggestions below but think eggs, bacon, vegetables, omelettes - that kind of thing.

2)  Hunger - people having high protein breakfasts don't suffer from the mid morning hunger attacks that will often see you reach for a crappy food option as your blood sugar levels fall and your brain's hormones kick in to have on the food hunt.  Protein is digested much more slowly, as it's a bigger more complex chemical compound, therefore our blood sugar levels are staying stable and we aren't hungry so quickly.  People on high protein breakfasts often report back to me that they are able to eat at 7am for breakfast, and then not again until Noon with no worries whatsoever.

3)  Insulin levels and Blood Sugar Levels remain stable - a high carb breakfast will elevate your blood sugar levels, which in turn elevates your insulin levels, and once that occurs, your body stops burning body fat as a fuel source for that time.  Keeping these levels low and stable allows the body to be in a state of fat burn for a much longer time after the night of not eating.  Our present day diet see's many people in a state of high blood insulin levels for too long each day, which sees weight gain and more likelihood of lifestyle disease like diabetes and heart disease.

4)  Fun - eating a good old fashioned cooked breakfast is fun!  Omelette, boiled eggs, a breakfast burrito - it's tasty and it's fun!

5)  It's Easy - why not make up a dish on the weekend of say a Frittata, cut it up into 5 serves to cover off the week days, and you are sorted for a week.  Preparation is key.

Other reasons that are worth mentioning:

>>> Get more vegetables into your diet.  Having say an omelette with chopped vegetables of some kind is a great way to boost your vegetable intake.  Many people eat ZERO vegetables until dinner time, which is a huge problem.  We need as a society to boost our vegetable intake and this works.

>>> Nutrients - heard of the power of Omega 3 fatty acids?  Great for reducing heart disease risk and inflammation - get them in early with some salmon at breakfast for example.  Quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, all of these are likely to be part of a high protein breakfast, not so likely with a crappy commercial breakfast cereal.  Vegetables here worth mentioning again too, nut just great for fibre and being filling without calories, great for nutrient intake.

>> Cut out sugar and processed Carbohydrates - these are killling us as we get fatter and fatter, and also wrecking our hormones as we overload our bodies with sub-optimal food.  Having a high protein breakfast option reduces our intake of sugar and carbohydrates, a great way to again improve health and improve body composition (less body fat).


So - high protein breakfasts, are simply a great move to make.  I recommend it for everyone - athletes, the average person, anyone at all really.  I've not yet had a client or member of my group who didn't benefit from shifting to a high protein breakfast!

I was going to suggest a whole bunch of ideas here but actually you are better off just googling "High Protein Breakfasts" yourself to find ideas that YOU LIKE.  They key is finding foods that you enjoy, and will eat regularly.  I personally use boiled eggs, omelettes, smoothies, and cooked breakfast options.  Do what suits you, you have to ENJOY YOUR EATING!

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