Eat better - a flow chart

I was talking to a new client a couple of days ago, and as per usual, motivation is high, and the inclination is to take on a whole raft of changes, and try to turn the lifestyle around in one go.

It doesn't work like that folks..... My 20 years of experimentation and work with people has shown me that trying to make too many changes at once is a sure fire way to fail.

Too many changes = certain failure!

Got that?  You are probably guilty of this at some point - keen to make change, totally overhaul EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your life, and stick with it for a short time frame, before giving up, and then feeling like a total loser for a while.

What you ACTUALLY learned was - that method doesn't work.  Too much change, no long term results.  You've proved it to yourself, so learn, move on.  

In my experience, you are far better off targetting something, working on it, then locking in that new habit or thing, then moving on to the next thing.  Don't rush, that's another way to guarantee failure.

YES - this is the sort of advice that you probably hate, but it works, so at this point, stop reading and move on OR listen up and have a think about what I'm saying....


PROTEIN:  Start with protein.  Get protein in at each meal time, and ensure that you have at least 20g of protein at each meal time.  This is a good place to start because increasing protein is very well shown to link well with better body composition (less body fat), help us manage hunger, and keep blood sugar levels smooth.  Avoid high carb low protein meals at all costs - especially at breakfast.  


SUGAR DOWN:  Once you have your protein well spread through the day and you established a good meal pattern that you are happy with, get busy removing added sugar from your diet.  Find out where it is, and get it out.  Huge move, many many benefits, and not really that hard to do if you give it time.  


PROCESSED CARBS OUT:  Once you have cleaned the sugar out of your diet, which could take a month or even longer, work on the processed carbs.  Just slowly remove them from your diet.  Bread, pasta, anything made with flour.  Just move it on.  This will help your diet move to a more Real Food style......


FASTING:  The nex step I would move onto is fasting.  It's a very effective strategy, but I would put it down the list a little as there are big wins higher up this flow chart.  I recommend most people will benefit from 1-2 days with a solid morning fast.  I've written about this at length, search this blog for details about fasting.


VEGE TRACKING:  Next on the list is starting to build up your vegetable intake.  Track it, write it down, and look for ways to build up your vegetable intake.  Vege sticks as an appetiser, salads at lunch, a cooked breakfast.  Vegetables are vital for good health, and they are filling and packed with nutrients as well.  

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