Is there such thing as a Negative Calorie food?

Controversial topic!!

Check out this list of foods that are alleged to use up MORE calories to burn than the calories they contain! It’s called negative calories, and the story is that by eating these foods, you’ll actually create a calorie deficit rather than being in calorie surplus……. (check my comments at the end for my thoughts)





Black Coffee

Green Tea


Popcorn with no added stuff

Lean Game Meat


You could probably throw in a bunch of other vegetables.  Do I believe it?  Well, not really.

What I do know is that foods on that list are very very low in calories compared to the filling effect they have; certainly lean protein sources take a lot of calories to actually burn up, they do provide calories too.

HOWEVER - the foods on this list will not burn more calories than they provide - adding lots of vegetables is a smart plan though - not a sexy idea and certainly a bit boring, but who cares, if it works and is healthy, go ahead!

If you are interested in getting both healthy AND lean, you need to eat lots of vegetables and lean protein sources.

Doesn’t have to be a Paleo or Clean diet as such, or a zone or any other specific diet as such, you can develop your own eating style that if done 90% of the time yields you the results you want, but I do FIRMLY believe that a healthy eating plan includes lots of vegetables and is high in protein.

It just works – has for years, its getting rebranded all the time into whatever is trendy at the time, but the bottom line is always High Protein, High Vegetables.  Period.

Get busy – have a great day, Corey Hinde

PS – want to know 1 sure bet for fat loss?? Write down everything you eat and send it to a friend each and every day.  If you do that, you’ll eat better food.

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