How to Reduce Bloating.....**9 Steps**

Bloating is not fun.  You'll get asked whether you are pregnant, you'll get questions about your diet and training as people wonder if you are gaining weight, and you'll just feel terrible as your torso expands seemingly of it's own accord.

I've had bloating - I've had clients get bloated - it sucks and it's actually quite common.

What to do.......

Firstly, understand that it's happening due to gastrointestinal disturbance.  Excess gas.  There can be plenty of reasons why this is happening, and please if you DO work through this list and not get the results you are after - SEE YOUR DOCTOR.  I am NOT a doctor - I'm a dietitian and health and fitness coach - so I know a bit, but if you are worried about your bloating, see your doctor.

Anyway - here is my list that I usually work through, and it works with MOST people:

How to reduce bloating:

1)  Ensure your meals are not too big OR contain too much carbohydrate.  In some cases you may have to bump up the fat intake and protein intake to ensure that you get your calorie and nutrient requirement, without the size / volume of meal.

2)  Chew more.  Yep this helps ensure that you don't take in too much air as you eat, and it also helps you to keep food volume down.  Keeping food volume down is useful.

3)  Avoid Beans / Lentils / Grains - these are all shown to be gas producers.  Excess gas = bloating.  

4)  Avoid drinking or eating air.  Eg fizzy drinks of any kind.  Don't add more air, that's essentially what bloating IS - excess air.  

5)  Take Probiotics.  This will help overall gut health.  Try Kombucha!  Great stuff.  Probiotic yoghurt or supplements will help though, they can take a while before you'll note the difference.

6)  Avoid Sugar Alcohols.  Eg mannitol, sorbitol, xylotol.  You'll find them in 'sugar-free' versions of foods or other products like chewing gum.  They enhance gas production.  

7)  Check for Intolerance and Allergies.  This will require an elimination diet, which needs medical or dietitian supervision.  There may be something you are intolerant to which is causing the bloating.  Worth investigation.

8)  FODMAP.  New phrase for many, refers to compounds known to disturb gut health of certain individuals, and a common cause of bloating.  A FODMAP diet will require assistance and supervision but essentially it's an avoidance of wheat, brocolli, onion, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, apples, beans, pears.  These can all increase bloating. 

9)  See your doctor.  Never hurts to open up a discussion with your doctor about these issues.

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