How to get better training results in less time...

It's the dream right?  Better results from your training efforts, less time spent, more happiness!!  

I've seen it all in my fitness career, and if you simply read below, and make some small tweaks, you'll be on your way......


1: Unless you are training for a really long event like a marathon, limit your training to NO MORE than 30 minutes. Ever. This is so you can be realistic and get it done, and when you know you have 30 minutes max, you actually TRAIN HARDER. You can fit it in, even 20 minutes. You are a product of WHAT YOU CONSISTENTLY do, and training consistently even for very short periods WILL WORK.  Don't make the mistake of training on point 3 times per week and then doing nothing on the other 4 days of the week - that right there is probably the most common error I see when working with clients to get better training results. 

2: Train with intensity. Follows on from the previous post but trust me – don’t waste your 20-30 minutes of your valuable life just going for a cruisy walk, smash out some high intensity work and get the benefits!  Huff / Puff / Sweat / Get uncomfortable.......

3: Do cross training. Mix it up, do some cardio, then do some strength, don’t stop, no down time. My success as a personal trainer has been simply because I don’t believe in down time!

4: Do not waste your time with isolation exercises that work only one muscle group, eg calf raises or bicep curls. Waste of time.

5: Do 1 set to failure with strength. Sets 2 and 3 etc are proven to give no effect, do 1 set of something, and give it your all. It’s brutally time effective AND yields better results. 

6: Do compound exercises. That’s things that use more than 1 joint at a time eg squats use the knee joint and hip joint. Pushups use a large quantity of your muscle. Body weight stuff is awesome and yields results better than anything else.

7: Do circuits. Pick 4 exercises and do a circuit, then go for a run. Circuits are great.

8: Do UPHILL sprints. I believe these are one of the most time efficient exercises of all. IF I ONLY HAD 5 minutes per day to train, I would pick uphill sprints only for about 4 minutes, then do 1 minute of pushups. True story. Be awesome, do that for a month and see what happens……

What I’m trying to teach you is that you DO NOT NEED to burn massive amounts of time to get massive results. Cool hey?

Be smart, do things that are PROVEN to yield results, in minimal time. I know you have a life to live, use a short time frame each day for training, and ENHANCE the rest of your life.

Start now, even if it’s 5 minutes per day, once you are a body in motion, and are on that path to your own success, you’ll be hard to stop. The hardest step is starting. Make it a small step, but START!

Corey Hinde – Health Consultant. (ps - my paid membership coaching group has some slots available, check it out HERE)

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