How To drop belly fat using a modified fasting regime...

So you are probably aware by now that intermittent fasting is a good idea and has many benefits.  Well you might not be, but it is.  

In my dietary coaching, I've used it to great effect.  It's simple, the protocol is easy to follow, and quite simply - IT WORKS!!

Benefits include:

  • better insulin sensitivity (the body becomes better at keeping blood sugar levels stable)
  • energy levels improve
  • less brain fog around 10am-11am in the morning
  • easy weight loss for both men and women
  • trains your body to become better at burning fat as a fuel source

So - HOW TO do it:

It's really easy, and something I use personally and with both athletes I advise AND weight loss clients I advise.

To start with, you'll simply skip breakfast 2-3 times per week.  Eat your dinner the night before, get a good night of sleep, and plan out a meal for the next day at around 11am or even lunch time.

When you wake up, simply have a large glass of water, and a coffee or tea if you can.  I'd advise you to take in coffee with some added cinnamon, no sugar, because that will help you to manage blood sugar levels.  If having tea, have a chai or green tea, as they contain compounds that are useful for fat loss.

Once you have had your drinks, just get on with your day.  

The first couple of times you do a morning fast, you MIGHT feel a bit peckish at some point.  

This is normal, and you'll be able to handle it.  Have another glass of water if you want to.

Once you get to around 11am its time to eat.  Make sure this meal has protein, and fat, so that your blood sugar levels don't go through the roof.  A protein  smoothie, a high protein  granola, an omelette, bacon and eggs, a frittata.  There are loads of options, in fact I'll  often just have 2 slices of gluten free toast with lashings of butter and peanut butter (it's amazing how the addition of that fat and protein will ensure you don't get hungry again straight away).

SO..... just do this 2-3 times per week, dinner can be normal.  You might need an apple or some nuts in the afternoon to get you through.  

Just make that ONE change, and see what happens.  You'll surprise yourself at HOW EASY it is to get through, and also at HOW EFFECTIVE this will be in bringing down your body fat levels.

FOR AN EXTRA KICKER:  do some easy, low intensity cardio  type exercise (think fast walking or slow jogging) while doing the fast, and your body will escalate the fat burning process, also helping to train the body into becoming a more efficient fat burning machine.  

It's a way of teaching your body to survive on the stored fat that you have on board,  rather than burning through the regular intakes of carbohydrate that we are used to.  You have to let the body get into a state of low insulin levels, and stable blood sugar levels, before you'll access stored body fat as a fuel source.  It works - try it!!


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