The 3 pillars of Fat Loss Success

I was thinking today, in my stupidly long drive that I took (long story), that the people who have achieved the best results with me over the years are kind of like elite athletes.  

I remember, extremely vividly, a conversation I had with a young runner back in 1999 who had a vision, ONE GOAL, to run at the Olympics for her country.  She was experiencing quite a few injury issues, food issues, and form issues BUT here vision, her one dream, remained the same.  

She wanted to run at the Olympics.  

Over the ensuing years she suffered injury after injury, the plan changed, the coach changed, the diet changed.  You really couldn't change anything else, I reckon she tried everything to get it right.  There really was no clear path forward, but her dream never changed.  She KNEW what she wanted, and despite the challenges, she'd keep trying.  

Long story short, she got there, 2016 Olympics, there she was.  I was so happy to see that she achieved her goal, and boy did she have to overcome some adversity to get there.  

Elites are almost lucky in that they typically have a very clear, specific goal, and they are also strong enough to sacrifice things to make it happen.

The 3 pillars of success for fat loss are Nutrition, Training, and Mindset.  Each one is equally important.  Over time, a person will generally find the right nutrition plan for them (it's not easy, we are all different, but you'll get it right), they'll know what training is required, HOWEVER it usually comes down to that mindset. 

This could be a combination of things.  Support of family and partner.   Finding enjoyable groups and exercises.  Being able to move on after a tough day.  Not caring what other people think of you as you take a different path to them.  Getting good sleep, and relaxing where possible so that psychological stress doesn't turn into physical elevation of cortisol levels (stress hormone) that turns off fat burning processes.  See how I linked the psychologial and physical?  They ARE one and the same.

Your Nutrition - Your Training - Your Mindset.  They are all so important and if any one of them is out of whack, you are out of whack and the results you desire won't come along.  

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