Get Lean Checklist - Short Version


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Use this checklist to help identify any barriers to fat loss.

Each of these 12 questions are equally important.  This checklist is a summarised version of what we use at Get Lean based on many years of moving people into a Fat Burning state.  

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1 Point for Yes, 0 points for No


Nutrition - taking in protein at all meals, minimum 25g per meal?


Nutrition - consuming less than 7 drinks per week for men, 5 drinks per week for women?


Nutrition - consuming minimum 8 serves vegetables and fruit per day?

(1 serve = 1 whole piece of fresh fruit OR ½ cup chopped veges OR 1 cup salad veges)


Nutrition - consuming less than 40g added sugars per day?

(Do not count sugar in whole milk, or sugar from fresh fruit.)


Nutrition - are you consuming most of your carbohydrates before and after your training?


Nutrition - are you consuming the correct number of total calories or just below per day?

(may need an online calculator for this.  Too low or too high will stop fat burning)


Hormonal - are you getting at least 7 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep per night?


Hormonal - are you training for less than 1 hour for the majority of your training?


Hormonal - are you managing stress and life at the moment?

(if you suffer anxiety or excessive stress levels this will impact on your hormonal state)


Training - are you doing strength training at least twice per week?

(weights, bodyweight strength, uphill sprints, vigourous forms of yoga)


Training - are you doing 1 or 2 long easy aerobic sessions per week of at least 1 hour?

(could be cycling, running, rowing, hard walking)


Training - are you doing some form of interval training or higher level conditioning training once or twice per week?


Total Score =             (maximum score is 12)

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Weight Loss is not a linear process...

Tired? Fatigued? Work through this checklist....