Fat Loss Stalled - try this...

From time to time, thanks to the way our bodies adapt and change given what training we do and what we eat, we'll stall in our fat loss efforts, or gain weight despite doing the 'right' things.  


Don't worry too much, you'll never be able to stick to the exact same program and get continued results.  The body has in built mechanisms that will always kick in and alter your metabolism - sometimes it's worried that we are starving and at risk of death!


Work through some of these topics and see if it helps:


You sit down too much.  Don't.  We are designed to be upright and moving.  Move and stand more.  Sitting down too much is proven to slow fat loss.  


You need to calm down.  Managing stress is crucial for fat loss success. 


You're overdoing the healthy stuff.  Yep, dark chocolate is actually good for you, but not by the kilo.  Be realistic and still pay attention to total calorie intake.  


You've gone low Carb for too long.  Leptin my friend, is needed to allow your body to access fat stores.  Low carb dieting for extended periods will lower this hormone and stop fat loss.  Period.  


You are eating too much fat.  Fat is not the bad guy it used to be, and we don't recommend low fat diets any more.  BUT - if you over consume it, guess what - super easy to turn dietary fat into body fat.  Not much biochemistry needed there.  Keep a lid on it, yes we need to eat fat so our bodies don't hang on to every last bit of it, but you can't consume 200g per day either.  


You're not eating enough protein.  It's filling, its great for helping us keep metabolically active muscle tissue, and keeping your protein intake well over 1g per kg of bodyweight per day, preferably approaching 1.5 g per kg bodyweight, is a GREAT strategy for getting lean.  


You are adding some lean muscle, shedding fat, but are being silly and only weighing yourself on the scales.  Use waist measurement, clothing fitting, and body fat analysis.


You need to eat more vegetables.  Don't ever forget this.  They are a free hit.  Mega nutritious, filling, low calorie, low carb, and low fat.  Simply increasing vegetable intake and nothing more is a very smart way to lose body fat.  


You don't plan, you eat mindlessly, and you are erratic.  These are all crucial to success.  Get into a good routine, think while eating, and plan what you eat.  You can do it.  


You're not doing any sprints.  These are the best activity possible for fat loss.  I won't break down the science of why - just do it!


You are not sleeping well.  This is huge.  When people sort out their sleep, the amount  AND quality, they start to lose more body fat.  Stress hormones like cortisol are  reduced when we sleep well.  This allows our body to access fat stores.


You are eating too few calories.  This is crucial.  Long term intakes of 500 calories below what you need or more will effect your metabolism and long term you'll be worse off.  The idea is to get your macros right (carbs, protein, fat) and then keep your calorie intake slightly lower than what you need.  You should aim to lose body fat slowly, 2 kg per month is a good rate because we know it's sustainable.  


You are getting your training mix wrong.  I like to get clients doing 2+2+2 - what I'll often do is put in 2 interval type sessions, 2 cardio type sessions and 2 strength sessions.  Not too much of any one thing.  Get consistent too, don't go 3 days without training.  We want regularity.  Consistency.  


Stay OFF the scales.  They ONLY discourage you and they don't even tell you anything useful.  Your weight can be the same after 2 weeks of good training due to changes in body fluids, muscle, and fat.  Other factors too.  Scales will discourage you and destroy your faith in your program.  


You are overdoing the endurance training.  Yep, too much of a good thing!  Stress on the body that elevates cortisol and kills off fat burning can come from training too.  Plenty of Ultra Runners have come my way looking to burn more fat, and we'll achieve it by lowering down their mileage for a while, increasing the intensity, and the fat will come off.  Don't place the body in extended periods of stress by hammering it relentlessly without adequate recovery time.


As you can see, there are plenty of avenues to explore in your fat loss journey.  It can be confusing at times because what worked for your buddy doesn't seem to work for you, but that's biology for you, nothing is certain and the variability of the human body keeps people like me intrigued, and employed!  Feel free to use our Contact us page to ask any questions or head over to Facebook and look for us (HERE WE ARE)  


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