How fast should I lose Body Fat?

This is a topic that comes up often with clients and followers of our programs.  What's the rate of fat loss you can expect when getting things right (training / nutrition / rest)?

It depends on your starting point.  If you are obese, then you'll usually start with a faster rate of fat loss than someone who is just trying to lose 5kg to enhance their sport and lifestyle.  Men typically will lose body fat faster than women too, so keep that in mind.  Sorry to have to mention that but it's true. 

When you hear about people losing 5kg per week, keep in mind that of that 5kg, there will usually be a combination of body fat, fluids, and  muscle mass.  If going into an extreme dieting phase with no exercise, the actual fat loss can be quite minimal as muscle wastes away, and this in turn impacts on metabolic rate - end result being a future weight gain around the corner.


Your scales tell you how much you weigh.  NOT how much body fat you have.  When you lose 'weight', you truly have no idea what that is made up of.  Please keep that in mind.  Maintaining muscle mass is CRUCIAL to successful body fat loss, so doing exercise and particularly strength exercise, is critical.  


Back onto the topic - how fast can / should we lose body fat?

In my experience, even the largest people won't lose more than 2kg of body fat per week for a sustained period.  People who are say 10kg over their ideal weight will be in the 0.5kg-1kg per week range, and that's if they are on target with their nutrition, sleep, and exercise.  

Please don't expect to lose body fat any faster than that.  Most of the people I've worked with in the last year have been around that 2kg-4kg of body fat loss per MONTH, which I really like because it means they are doing it right.  

Getting the nutrition right, getting the training right, maintaining muscle mass, changing habits, making sustainable changes to their lifestyle that will help them KEEP their wins, and move into a healthier human body for the long term.  

If you are confused, please feel free to get in touch via our "contact" page on this website.  I'm passionate about people doing it right - be realistic and stick to your plan, train every day in some way, get the sugar OUT of your diet, boost your vegetable intake, focus on protein at all meals.  You can do this - and getting realistic FAT LOSS expectations in place early in the process will help you out immensely.  

Corey Hinde - Fat Loss Guru

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