Take the Vegetable challenge!

So it turns out that you've decided to turn your health around and you want a challenge....

Great stuff!  The internet has gone crazy with challenges lately, and quite frankly some of them are totally dumb - no booze for a month then get so pissed you need 2 days off work?  Come on, you're not at college and I'm pretty sure you can just aim to be a normal person and have a glass of wine or a beer every second or third day.

Nope - this challenge is a ripper and it's based on good, normal science that dudes like me devour and interpret for the kind hearted folks out there....

It's simply called Double Your Vege Intake.

Why would you want to do that you ask?


Good question.....  I've worked with hundreds of people, I've reviewed loads of nutritional intakes, I've helped many people and I can tell you that I've never had to say "Cut down your vegetable intake".  Nuh uh.  No way, every diet  I've seen, every solid eating plan that is working, every healthy person focuses  on vegetable intake and with good reason.


My favourite reasons:

1)  Veges contain lots of fibre - this helps you stay full and manage hunger.  The Fibre is also really healthy for your gut health.

2)  Plenty of data supports higher vegetable intakes with lower body weight and lower body fat levels.

3)  Vegetables contain phytonutrients and micronutrients that are crucial to  good health.  Eating a wide variety of vegetables, as many colours as possible, is the smartest thing you can do for your health.

4)  Getting clients to increase vegetable intake forces them to do some planning and thinking, and when people are actually planning their diets they invariably eat a way healthier diet!


When I really work hard with a client to up their vegetable intake, they ALWAYS lose body fat and they ALWAYS improve their overall health and energy levels.  


SO - the challenge is to double up.  Do it for 2 weeks.  See how you go.  What this will entail is a good hard look at your current intake, and you'll probably see that you have no vegetables at breakfast, and probably very little through the day.  You probably eat most of them at night time.  I could be wrong, I'm making some assumptions here for the sake of this article.

Breakfast - can you make  an omelette or a cooked breakfast?  Can you make a muffin with spinach, cheese, and tomato perhaps.   Add some avocado somewhere in there?

Trust me, it's worth doing this, you can really change your eating style and realise that its easy,  and fun.  You'll get a shopping trip out of it too, because your waist will shrink!


Lunch - salad?  What do you do now?  I LOVE building up a big salad, throwing some nuts, seeds, and tuna on there,  and basically eating a whole vege patch for lunch!!

Before dinner -- how about some carrot sticks in hummus?  Celery with peanut butter  for those lovely healthy oils.  

Dinner - go vege crazy!  Just eat em up to your hearts content.  It's virtually a calorie free hit!!


I CHALLENGE you to eat double your current vege intake.  Can you do it?? Can you go next level and drag a friend or two along for the fun?  

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