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Morning Burners – Strength Training

The Morning Burner is a crucial part of how our clients get lean. Strength training is the most effective way to burn body fat, it’s key to long term success! We also have no where near as much activity in our days as in years gone by, so the Morning Burner is a must do.

Your job is to make it happen, no excuses, just solutions. Get it done.

What is it? In short, it’s a minimum 10 minutes of strength training in the morning before you have eaten, so…early.

Key benefits are:

● Increases positive attitude for the day, increasing chance of other elements of program getting done.

● Boosts metabolic rate ­ short sharp strength sessions have dramatic effects on elevating metabolism ­ increasing your bodies fat burning potential for that day

● Helps build muscle ­ an absolute key to maintaining fat loss and healthy weight

● If your day gets out of control later on, at least you know you have done some training, keeping your habit going.

Here are the rules:

● at least 10 minutes ­ preferably 15-­20 minutes

● no stopping, move from one exercise straight to the next.

● exercises must be from the list ­ they are all compound exercises meaning they use more than one joint, squats for example use the hip joint and knee joint. This is key.

● once finished you must ave a large glass of cold water with lemon juice added ­ ice included if possible. This is for hydration, helping feel full at the next meal, and the lemon helps blunt insulin helping the body to access fat stores.

● the next meal (breakfast) needs to be high protein, preferably with no carbohydrate or unprocessed carbohydrates like oats. An omelette with vegetables would be preferable.

The Workout:

Complete a circuit ­ simply move from one exercise to the next.

Beginners ­ 30 seconds per exercise ­ total workout 10-­20 minutes

Intermediate ­ 45 to 60 seconds per exercise ­ total workout 15­20 minutes

Advanced ­ 1 minute per exercise ­ total workout 20 minutes. More if desired.

Exercises ­ pick 4-­6 exercises from this list:

● pushups / knee pushups if beginner (do slowly with form)

● air squats (stick butt out, pretend you are about to sit on a hot seat)

● burpees

● plank (abdominal bracing exercise)

● old school sit ups

● squat press with box (hold heavy box, keep back straight, lift box up from floor to above head)

● skipping rope

● lunges

● mountain climbers (google that one)

● jump squats (like a standing broad jump but straight up)

● stationary bike hard effort to time

● lunge jump (lunge position, jump and swap leg position in air) advanced exercise

● step ups (using a stair, alternate legs)

● dips on a bench

Keep it simple, get working, get it done, get on with your day. My favourite version is simply 1. Pushups 2. Situps 3. Squats ­ sets of 15, non­stop for 15 minutes, hurts ­-  works – ­ builds muscle – ­ feeling great afterwards. Ask me for more ideas. Keep it short, keep it simple, but DO IT every day. Make it happen, find a way. Get up earlier, commit.

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