1 Action that yields fat loss results - every time..

Give yourself credit.  You know far more than you think.  In fact, and you know this, you spend far too much time thinking about what to do next with your health, and you don't spend enough time doing what you should be doing, or reviewing your previous actions.  Treat yourself like an elite athlete and do the process evaluation.  

If you are reading this article, chances are you already know a lot about health and fitness.  You are the educated, knowledgeable person.  

I however, have spent 20 years learning, applying, coaching, teaching, and doing.  There is a very good possibility that I know a bit more than you.  There is a very good chance that I also DO what I know is effective.  We are complicated creatures, we invent ways to stop ourselves doing the right stuff....

So what?  Results have nothing to do with the process you intend on taking - results are 100% linked to what you actually DO.  This is a huge point - and you can apply it anywhere.  It's all down to what you DO - not what you KNOW.  

NOW - here's the money shot in this article - the 1 Action that yields fat loss results - every time.  Read on....


Simply do this...... record your food and exercise for 14 days.  

That's it.  Be honest, don't change much about your usual routine.  

Just get it recorded somewhere - paper, an email, a facebook message, use an app like MyFitnessPal.  Actually do it, and once you are done you then need to take a good look at it and use your knowledge to review your actions.  Make some assessments of what you do and set some targets.  Hit the big wins and focus on them first - be lazy and think 80/20 rule - that is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.  

Here are some areas that you should have a look at - these also correspond with the areas I look closely with our course participants (you can do the same thing, the paid course people just get me having a look for them and being the accountability guy, but you can involve a good friend or partner to become your accountability partner).  


Areas to look at once you have DONE the recording:

1 - Strength training.  Are you doing strength work regularly?  I suggest either a daily what we call "Morning Burner" of 5-10 minutes of bodyweight, OR a larger longer workout around twice per week.  Strength training is the number 1 thing you can do for fat loss.

2 - General Movement.  How many steps do you take per day?  Record it.  Aim for at the very very bare minimum 7000 steps per day.

3 - Cardio.  How much are you doing?  Are you doing at least 2 sessions per week that involve higher level interval work?  You need to.  It's linked with greater fat loss than just steady state cardio.  

4 - Goals - Motivation.  Do you actually write down goals and plans?  You should.  Writing things down and sticking them somewhere is important.  It helps out a lot.  

5 - Dinners.  What are you eating?  Are you getting at least 40grams of protein and 5 serves of vegetables at dinner time?  Is it a low sugar meal?  No processed stuff?  Variety of vegetables?

6 - Lunches.  Same as above.... are you getting lean protein in and some salad?  Are you feeling like your lunch keeps you going until at least 6pm?  You often need to look  at your lunch options and realise that more planning is needed, because if your food diary that have done shows 3pm naughty treats, you haven't eaten enough protein and fat at lunch time.   

7 - Breakfasts.  What are you eating?  I strongly recommend a high protein breakfast like eggs in some form.  This sets up your insulin levels for a nice smooth day with good hunger management and some good fat burning processes going on - I have written whole articles about this topic just take it on board that your breakfast is crucial in your fat burning day...

8 - Snacks.  Key win is having lean, protein based, low sugar snacks in your diet.  This also includes whole fruit like apples because the blood sugar response is slow and filling.  Good snacks are important - I like to use nuts and fruit - takes some planning though.  Ensure that on Sundays you have a week worth of supplies.  

So - key summary is that despite how much you know, and how good your plan might be, you are human and will not always DO what you know will yield your ultimate result.  The point of this article was to share with you one tip that I know works, and that is to simply write down everything for 2 weeks.  Simply doing this helps, then analyzing it works a treat too as you can find your weak points, and work hard to improve them with planning.  

Do the analysis, then do the planning.  If you want help, you can register for our April Fat Loss Course, and you can do that right HERE

Corey Hinde - Get Lean

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