10 Steps to Cutting Sugar Out...


1: Do NOT skip meals – your blood sugar level will drop and you’ll start to crave the fastest option for boosting them – sugar.  

2: Eat WHOLE foods as much as possible – these will take more digestion and are far better at keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Stable blood sugar levels are ideal when trying to eliminate sugar cravings.

3: Get BREAKFAST right. If you eat a high protein breakfast you’ll be far more likely to avoid cravings during the day. If however you eat one of those commercial cereals incorrectly sold as healthy, the high sugar content will have you craving more sugar by about 10am.

4: Include Fat and Protein in each meal. This is a crucial step in avoiding sugar cravings as again it ensures your blood sugar levels are smooth through the day.  Aim for at least 20 grams of protein per  meal.

5: Add spices to meals – this is a natural way to add flavour and help you avoid that need for sweetness.

6: Walk it off – if you have an afternoon craving, that’s the ideal time to go for a quick walk instead, which obviously has loads of other benefits too….

7: Don’t have sweets in the house! I simply CANNOT stop stealing bits of chocolate from the fridge, and the normal human CANNOT walk past a good cookie. You have to stop bringing them into the house, it’s the only option.  Control your environment - get the results you want. 

8: Read Labels – go on a personal mission to learn as much as you can about the sugar content of your foods. Look at the per 100g column and if it’s got more than 10g sugar per 100g, look for something else

9: Eat Fruit – yep. High fibre, some natural sweetness, should solve the craving problem and because it’s filling, you’ll be far better off. I have my clients aim for 2-3 whole pieces of fruit every day – it’s working for loads of people right now

10: Focus on breakfast first, get it right, then once you have that down work on morning tea, spend a week getting that right, then move onto lunch, spend a week getting that right, then move onto afternoon tea if you eat it, then dinner. Be progressive, don’t aim to do it all at once. Going for all at once I believe is simply too hard for most people. A long process locks in healthy habits and is far more likely to work for you.

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