Intermittent Fasting - why it works...

I have had loads and loads of people ask me about Intermittent Fasting.  Let’s call it IF from here on in….

IF – does it work for fat loss?  

Yes it does.  Why?  Simply because over the course of your week, if you IF for 2 days, you have cut back on total calories but for me the more important factor is………

You have planned your eating more carefully!

Yep, when you sink in more thinking time and pre-planning, you’ll eat better.  

As a dietitian working with elite athletes over the years, I don't spend much time on education it's more about planning and shopping lists.  Planning is the key to eating well.  Do more of it.

So here is the plan I suggest to some of my clients, who love it because they can relax MOST of the time…… (don’t worry, you don’t starve, your body is designed to sometimes be in a state of hunger, it’s okay, you can do this!)

Let’s say you are choosing Tuesday and Friday as your IF days, here’s what you do……

Monday night dinner – have no carbohydrates, aim for 4 serves of vegetables at this  meal (1 serve is half a cup of chopped veges), and a large protein serve.  Finish eating by 7:30pm, no later.  Reason for this is so you can start digesting, getting your body into a state of fat burning before bed time, so that your insulin levels are smooth before bed and your body can get into fat burning over night.

When you wake up on Tuesday, have a large glass of water, and then a cup of tea or coffee.

Eat nothing.  Your first meal will be 10am or even 11am if you are able to last that long, so that you have been in a state of fat burning for more than 12 hours.  At that first meal, have a large serve of protein and vegetables in any format, I recommend a 2 egg omelette or poached eggs with mushrooms for example.  Once that is done, a piece of fruit an hour later to start feeding some carbohydrate into the body.  Once that is done, just drinks through the day before getting back to normal eating that night.  If you are super hungry that afternoon, another piece of fruit is okay.

So, in summary:


Night before – large serve of vegetables and protein for dinner eg stir fry

Finish eating by 7:30pm

Morning – glass of water then tea or coffee

10am or even later – protein and vegetable breakfast eg eggs and mushrooms OR omelette

Doing this gives your body a nice long period of fat burning.  It helps your digestive tract have a break, and you also are focusing on high intakes of vegetables in that period.  The important thing is that this strategy WORKS and is not crazy and weird.  If you are training heavily at that time you might make those days your easy days for training, as some people will feel slightly lethargic on these days.

I've used this protocol with many people now, including athletes looking to lose that last bit of body fat to get into optimal shape - and it works really well because it's just not that hard to do.

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