Distance Runners Warm-Up by Corey Hinde

Wondering what you need to do to get ready for a race, workout, or hard run?  

It's really important to warm up, I won't go through the reasons here but suffice to say that getting the muscles and nervous system ready is very helpful.

Let's just get into it - I've included information about the general warm up and specific warm up.  

EG - if you were playing tennis you would do some general warming up, but you would do tennis specific warm up movements too - same applies for running.


1)  Start with a minimum 5 minutes of easy jogging.  10 minutes would be ideal unless you are elite in which case slightly more than that would be okay too.  

2)  For range of movement - do the following circuit three times:  

Butt kickers x 20 seconds (jog slowly but raise your heels up to kick your own butt)

Skip / high knees x 20 seconds (a slow skip motion where you raise a knee each alternately)

Leg swing throughs x 10 per leg (stationary - gently swing leg through range of motion)

3)  20 second stride outs x 4.  Ideally do these at or near race pace, after each 20 seconds walk for at least 20 seconds.

This warm up can easily be extended to include more dynamic range of motion work - BUT consider this warm up here a bare minimum to reduce risk of injury and make the race or workout easier to get into and perform.

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