Are YOU mentally ready to lose body fat?

People get in touch with fat loss coaches like myself, personal trainers, dietitians etc and are looking for CHANGE.

“I want to get toned”, “I want to lose my gut”, “I want my skinny jeans to fit again”, “I want to lose fat” – all common statements.

Here are some KEY POINTS that you need to consider as you are about to  embark upon your journey……


1:  Right frame of mind.  You simply have to be READY and willing to do some work, make changes, persist, and undertake a process.  You need to be positive, you need support around you, and you need to be ready to face up to challenges as they arise, like injuries, social events etc.  These are all realities and WILL HAPPEN.  Get ready for them.  They are tests.

Psychologists call it “ready for action” in the stage of change model.  Don’t say you are keen to achieve something and then put up roadblocks all day long.  Find an answer.  Get it done.  If not, put it on ice and wait a few weeks until your state of mind is ready for the challenge of change.  Get into the right frame of mind for change!

2:  Planning.  Yep, basic concept but something that needs to be part of your daily framework from now on.  You cannot and will not achieve anything without good planning.  Elite athletes are lucky – their plan is presented to them, and they just knuckle down and do the work.  You need to do this yourself.  Some of you are smart and will get help in this area, working with coaches etc in various parts of your life to ensure that your plans actually support your long term goals.  

Your daily actions must support your  mission.  Want to run faster?   Then make sure daily running is on your plan right?  Want to lose body fat?  Make sure your daily plan includes the right type of training, and some healthy snacks so you can avoid eating crap.  Write it down, get the things required to work your plan, and then WORK YOUR PLAN!


3:  Cut out the sugar and processed SHIT.  I swore!! Yep, if you want to lose body fat you simply MUST cut out sugar, processed foods, and crap.  

Everyone on the planet knows that an apple is healthier than a can of coke – just get it done.  

You don’t actually need to know most of what guys like me tell you, hate to say it.  The world has all the information you need to know, you just aren’t doing it.  Knowledge and action are 2 different things!


4:  Christmas is over – stop boozing!!  5 drinks per week for ladies trying to get lean, 10 for guys.  Above that and your body is too busy burning up toxins to shed fat.  

These numbers are based on working with people for 20 years trying to get lean.  You simply won’t get lean if you are drinking too much booze.  Deal with it.


5:  Accountability.  WHO is holding you accountable?  If your answer is nobody, your journey will be much much harder.  Ever heard of an Olympian with no coach?  Ever heard of a high level CEO with no board of directors?  

You need to be accountable to someone who has the balls to tell you to work harder.  You need to enlist a friend or coach.  It helps  A LOT!!


6:  Take ACTION.  “Greetings people, Captain Obvious here, just reporting in to tell you, once more, that if you keep doing the same stuff you’ll get the same results.  Obvious huh!”  

Guys you simply must accept to get anything done in life, you have to take massive action.  Change, DO, implement, adapt, learn, review, DO.  Some keywords I like.  If you have been doing the same cardio program and have plateaued, it’s time for change.  If you have been eating the same foods and not getting results, it’s time for change.  Getting things done require CHANGES.


The point of this article is simply to help you into a state of mind for success in your fat loss venture.  I am a fat loss coach and this is what I do.  


Do YOU want to get results?  Have you considered coaching?  Check out my stuff HERE

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