Cutting out sugar - some reasons you didn't know about

For those of you living under a rock for the last 5 years - we have an update!

Dietary fat is actually okay, the thing that's causing us to become overweight as well as a host of other health issues is actually added sugar!  (disclaimer - the type of fat you eat is important, the type of exercise you do is important too)

Okay - if you are reading this, I'm sure you are already aware of this point.  Things have really changed.  In my time as a dietitian, things have changed a lot.

Controlling sugar intake, getting blood sugar levels under control, and therefore stabilising your hormonal environment in your body is what we now focus on.  With good reason of course - because it works!  

The people who used to do all the "right things" and couldn't get a result with their weight and health, are now getting results.  They really are.  It's almost embarrassingly easy in some cases - we just do a few tasks aimed at cutting sugar intake down, bump up the protein and fat intake, and things start to happen!

I've seen some dramatic improvements just by drilling down on sugar intake, and really not much else though.  Sometimes the simple approach is best.  

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BUT - it's not all about weight and your belly - check out these points that are also very pertinent to YOU.

Cutting sugar intake down will: (our SugarQuit program can help you)

Reduce blood pressure.  High blood pressure can  damage the heart and circulatory system.

Reduce heart attack risk.  Cutting sugar intake down reduces heart attack risk.  

Improve cholesterol profile.  People with a high sugar intake tend to have too much bad cholesterol, and not enough good cholesterol in their blood streams.  This seems to be more important than the fat intake and type of fat intake,  which is what we used to focus on.

Improve dental health.  Kind of obvious but worth mentioning, sugar rots your teeth.  My dentist is a great human, and I support her business, but.....

Improve brain health.  Studies show that reduction in sugar improves clarity of thought.  Wow.

Reduce risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Reduce risk of depression.  Constant sugar spikes from sugar intake will play havoc with brain chemistry.

Improve your skin.  I've seen this with clients in our SugarQuit program, their skins simply improves!  

Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.  Even 1 sugary drink per day can increase your risk by as much as 25%.  

Reduce risk of Liver Disease

Reduce risk of certain cancers.  I personally believe that as time goes on this will become more and more apparent as our population ages and people who have had high sugar intakes get older and more prone to cancers.  


SO - what to do about it.  You've got a few options.  You could simply analyse your own  diet using a tool like My Fitness Pal, to see what your sugar intake IS per day, and work on it.  

OR - you can sign up RIGHT NOW to our unique SugarQuit program - check it out

We can help you with our 30 day process that will ensure you get it right.  It's worth getting involved, the cost is really low and you get access to our team for a whole month too.

Another method that works - for those of you who really want to do it alone - buddy up with someone you know, and simply write down your food intake each day for a month.  Just write it down.  Send that info to your buddy each day, and you receive their intake.  Give each other some good honest feedback every day, act as accountability partners.  It works!


Corey Hinde

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